Walking Cambridge – 1,000 Years of History in 8 Walks by Andrew Kershman



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Perfectly sized full colour guide book to Cambridge which contains 8 illustrated walks (including the David Parr House and a multitude of references to Leach Firm) and over 400 photos.

Follow the book to walk along pavements embedded with flowers, discover how John Hodson rose from college servant to become a rich man, only to lose it all in a famous scandal, and find a monument erected by the desposed prince of Siam in memory of his faithful Pooch.

These walks will not only take you through ancient college cloisters to reveal Cambridge’s most famous sights, but also lead you far from the well-trodden tourist path, bringing to life long-forgotten voices and telling some surprising tales.

  • 8 illustrated walks
  • details on the best cafes and pubs
  • information on local attractions, museums and galleries
  • 9 maps – to help you navigate
  • 352pp
  • 352pp

First published in 2020 by Metro Publications Ltd.

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