We have a variety of Activities and Events that will unfold over the year to showcase the many different aspects of the David Parr House that cannot be shown within the confined space of its four walls.


Mary & David Parr Jumping Jack Dolls

Ideas to get you making

Get Creative!

Make you very own paper Jumping Jack doll! Designed for the House by Jenny Barnish, you can choose whether to make the David Parr doll or his wife, Mary Parr (or indeed both). Download the David Parr Doll PDF here & the Mary Parr Doll here. The PDF file includes full instructions, a ‘Retro’ template and a black and white template (ready for you to colour in). Watch the brilliant ‘How to make’ video with Jenny here. Send us pictures of your completed Jumping Jacks!

AccessArt and the teenage #BeACreativeProducer team created this amazing video and idea ‘What’s your space?’ . Get creative and send us photos of any rooms or spaces that you make.

AccessArt also created a set of craft and art projects based on the skills of F R Leach & Sons, the firm that David Parr worked for.  They called themselves ‘Artworkmen’ and produced anything that you home, college or church needed, from stained glass to furniture.

Ideas to get you colouring in!

Colour in your own David Parr House Guidebook Cover!

Download the pdf and print off and colour in the cover of our guidebook. You’ll see that we have used different tones of green for the cover, but let your imagination run wild and colour it in whichever way you like. David Parr designed this pattern but we have hidden objects that relate to David’s granddaughter, Elsie, within the cover. Can you spot the two animals and the radio, train and royal mugs? We would love to see your design – please email your finished work to info@davidparrhouse.org


The Cam – A River for the Town with Tamsin Wimhurst

Day & time
Thursday 29th July -7pm
Tickets via a donation
Virtually - via Zoom - a link will be sent to your email address prior to the event

Walking Tours

There are a number of places in Cambridge where the work of the F R Leach firm and the designers who commissioned them (William Morris and George Bodley) can still be seen. We have put together a walking tour that takes in many of these places and complements a visit to the David Parr House if you wish to make a day of it.

House on a bike

The tires on our Museum on a Bike are a little deflated and until we can ride it again, whilst observing social distancing, we are unable to pump them up!   In fully inflated times we love to cycle it around to different events and venues with a variety of activities on board to bring the David Parr House to you.

House on a Bike

Cabinet of Curiosities
Discover the house by opening up the many different drawers hidden inside this travel chest.

Elsie and Alfred’s Suitcases
Remember life in the 2oth Century? These suitcases will bring your memories back to you and fit in nicely to any Reminiscence Sessions or Homes in the Past school workshops.

The David Parr House in Miniature
These room boxes transport you back to the time when David Parr lived in the house with his wife and young family. Suitable for many different events and also schools doing Victorians or Homes in the Past.

Automata of David Parr
Let David Parr paint your wall design. Suitable for a children’s activity or many different events. Just a little bit of fun!

Multi-Sensory Wall
Feel and find out about the walls of the David Parr House.

Tools of the Trade Travelling Box
How did David Parr paint his walls with the intricate designs? What tools did he use and what skills did he need? All the answers are inside this box.

Activity Boxes
We have a variety of simple arts and crafts activities that would suit school age upwards.

This varies depending on the type of organisation that you are and the length of time that we will spend with you.

To discuss which activities would suit your event or organisation the best and to book please e-mail info@davidparrhouse

A suitcase full of memories

Talks by Tamsin Wimhurst

We have two talks that relate to the house. Each talk is 45/50 mins long with a 15 minute Q & A session at the end. We can bring all our own equipment but would need a screen or white wall to project on to.

  1. The David Parr House – an extraordinary Cambridge home. David Parr was an ‘artistic decorator’ who worked for some of our best known Victorian designers of the day such as William Morris and George Bodley. He decorated churches and palaces for those who could afford such decoration but in his spare time he come home and decorated his humble terrace house in the same style. Lived in by his granddaughter until a few years ago its interior remained a wondrous hidden secret. This talk tells how it was saved and the story of this amazing little house and its owners
  2. Pointing, Plaster and Paint. ‘You have all the issues of a stately home but on a much smaller scale, and it does not make it any easier’. So Tamsin was told by her Paint Conservator in 2014, just after the Charity had been set up in order to conserve and open the house up to the public. This story tells the journey that the Charity went through, the necessary conservation work on the house and the many wonderful discoveries that were found along the way as the official opening day came ever closer. This talk is most suitable if your organisation has already had the first talk, that introduces the house and its stories, or is especially interested in conservation.

Cost per talk:  Between £40 – £120 depending on the type of organisation and the venue location.

To book a talk or discuss your requirements further please e-mail: tamsin@davidparrhouse.org

Tamsin Wimhurst is Founder and Chair of Trustees of the David Parr House CIO.