What’s Your Space

What’s Your Space? encourages primary-aged children (8-11 year olds) to think about design, making and aesthetic.

Enjoy the video, made in collaboration with AccessArt‘s teenage #BeACreativeProducer team, and try the David Parr House Challenge! You can also use the resources here to explore design and making in the classroom or workshop setting. 

Get creative and send us photos of any rooms or spaces that you make!

The David Parr House Challenge:

Now it’s your turn to think about how you might like to design and make a model room (some architects and designers call them “maquettes” – the French word for scale model), which is about YOUR aesthetic.

AccessArt’s Take A Seat project

Imagine YOU had a room to furnish…

At the moment it is completely bare, and you have the freedom to choose how it is going to look and feel (perhaps even smell and sound!).

How would you furnish it?

What kinds of things do you like, and how would they influence the way you decorate your walls, the way you design your furniture, the things you collect and display?

How would you want the room to “feel” as you entered it?

Who would you share the space with, and how would their needs and likes be accommodated?

How would you pack the room full of your personality?

AccessArt’s Shrinkle Spaces

To Start…

Find or make a cardboard box which can be your “room”

Think about:

The Walls:

Will you make wallpaper? Cover them in pictures? Collage, Draw, Paint, Print? Keep them plain?

The Furniture:

What kinds of furniture will you design and make? Which materials will you use? What kind of mood would you like to create?

The Floor:

Carpet, wood, tiles, stone, plastic?

Objects and Furnishings:

How will you let your hobbies and the things you like influence the objects and furnishings in your room?

Remember this is YOUR space and YOUR chance to explore and share YOUR aesthetic. Enjoy!

AccessArt also created a set of craft and art activities based on the skills of F R Leach & Sons, the firm that David Parr worked for.  They called themselves ‘Artworkmen’ and produced anything that you home, college or church needed, from stained glass to furniture. Discover more here.

AccessArt Glass Painting

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