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Every gift goes towards telling the stories of the house through tours, events, exhibitions, talks, workshops and outreach.

We still have so many more secrets to share so please give us a gift to help craft a bright future at the David Parr House.


In 1912, David Parr inscribed ‘If you do anything, do it well’ on his Drawing Room wall – and that’s our inspiration.

David Parr House is a tiny venue with big ambitions and we have started by creating a £1 million endowment fund so we can deliver an inspiring programme every year to audiences near and far, both at the house and online. As a small independent charity we receive no statutory funding, so we’d love your help to share the house with future generations.

100% of your gift goes towards this bright future – click donate to see what difference your gift could make.

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Leaving a gift in your will could be one of the most important ways you could support The David Parr House. Without any statutory funding, we rely on support from donors and benefactors to tell the stories of the house.  David Parr and his granddaughter Elsie Palmer made such a difference to our lives with what they left behind.

You could write yourself into the story so when you make your Will, or update your current one, please consider a gift to The David Parr House.

It can be as simple as a percentage of your Estate, or a specific sum to support our work. If you are considering a bequest please see the FAQs and codicil. If you would like to discuss your gift we would love to hear from you.


Looking to volunteer in Cambridge? We’d love you to get involved.

Our many volunteers say that volunteering with us is an extremely enjoyable experience. 

People join for many different reasons. Some are inspired by a visit to the David Parr House and want to find out more, others are keen to do something active in their community or want to feel useful. Many say that they love feeling part of a team, others say that they enjoy learning new skills and sharing expertise. 

By volunteering for the David Parr House one thing’s for sure, you would be making a difference. We are simply not able to function without our volunteers who provide excellent experiences for our visitors and are vital to every area of the organisation. Volunteers run tours, carry out research, lead events and walking trails, help with admin and recording, carry out cataloguing, fund-raising, marketing and strategy, and so on! Our volunteers are now also ever more actively involved in shaping and developing the David Parr House’s future plans.

Interested in getting involved?

We welcome expressions of interest from any potential volunteer at any time. Not everyone can be matched to a suitable role as soon as they contact us, but we always keep in touch, as new opportunities arise, with those who submit our volunteer form below. 

How far you get involved is up to you. Volunteers may sign up for regular weekly activities with an agreed rota, or for occasional activities, such as helping out at events. There are even volunteering activities you can carry out for us at home from the comfort of your own laptop. 

In turn we offer volunteer events, the opportunity to take part in training as well as occasional volunteer exchange schemes with other local arts organisations. 

If you are interested in joining us please email

Thank you!

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And finally all the David Parr‘ers and Frederick Leach’ers of this world – this house is for you.

Supporter’s Board

The David Parr House is grateful to the following for their support.


National Lottery Heritage Fund
The Foyle Foundation
The Pilgrim Trust
The Amey Community Fund
The Wolfson Foundation
The Dovehouse Trust
The Mandarin Trust
Cambs Antique Centre
Binks Trust
The Golsonscott Foundation
Arts Council England
Historic England
Art Fund
Harriet’s Trust
Art Friends Cambridgeshire


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Amicia de Moubray
Pamela Raspe
Serena Prest
Suranga and Gemma Chandratillake
Anne and Youri Dabrowski
Michael Chisholm
Henry and Karin Elliot

Mike Muller for donating the funds to purchase the two properties, the 186 Founding Members and all our donors who wish to remain anonymous.