Swooping Swallow Brooch by Tatty Devine



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Anyone who has visited David Parr House will know why we simply had to stock some fabulous brooches in our shop. Elsie Palmer was very partial to a colourful brooch, and so are we!

Made by Tatty Devine.

Cut shapes in our hoedown-ready Swooping Swallow Brooch. Lasercut in glossy turquoise layered over transparent acrylic, this nod to traditional tattoos has been etched and hand-inked with naive-style feathers and embroidery-esque decals.
Design including hanging rose measures 5.5cm x 5cm

“All Tatty Devine jewellery is designed and handmade in house by a small, skilled team of makers with a passion for art jewellery. We work hard to ensure that every piece boasts the quality and unique stamp that’s become synonymous with the label.”

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