Lettering Brooch by David Stonehouse



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Handmade porcelain brooch by Cambridge potter and goldsmith, David Stonehouse. Part of a series of pieces made in response to David Parr’s beautiful hand-painted interiors and the artefacts and hidden treasures of his, and later Elsie Palmer’s, home.

Brooch size: h 4cm, w 4cm, d 1.2cm approx. Delivered in a black presentation box.

David says:
As an artist-maker, I’m often looking to create work in response to a specific location. David Parr House provides so much to take in and enjoy. I’m always spotting something I’ve not noticed or reflected on before, whether it be a complete panel David Parr has meticulously painted, or a little detail which sparks a thought for a motif or form.

Some pieces in this series will be one-offs, while others will be repeated with subtle variations. My hope is that as well as being a joy to own and use, they will trigger memories of where and when they were bought.

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