Large Handmade Dust Brush by Slow Made Goods



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Meet Ewen Brown maker and friend of David Parr House. Founder of Slow Made Goods in Norfolk, Ewen’s values and founding principles echo those we hold dear at David Parr House: craftsmanship, quality and utility and the desire to savour the hours and minutes rather than just count them, and to do everything as-well-as-possible, instead of as-fast-as-possible.

Founded in 2019, all things produced by Slow Made Goods utilise wood that is either locally grown, storm-fallen or from sustainable and responsible sources, Ewen’s handcrafted spoons and organic fibre brushes are made using a sloyd knife, carving axe and hook knife with a total focus on the highest quality craftsmanship.

Slow Made Goods aim for zero waste, using, where possible, timber offcuts in new designs, breaking down smaller waste into packaging materials and composting sawdust.

The Large Dust Brush certainly makes a statement, perfect for oversized jobs, particularly robust on external walls and floors. Features a spalted beech repair (or bow tie) detail on each side to secure a surface crack in the wooden handle.

Made of sustainably sourced local walnut and natural gumati fibre bristles, the Large Dust Brush is finished with natural oils and handcrafted in our Norfolk workshop. A beautiful detail for the traditional or contemporary home.

DImensions: Overall Length 22cm | Width 21cm | Depth 3cm

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