Flour scoop in brown oak by Selwyn House



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A perfect addition to your pantry – our Brown Oak Flour Scoop is designed to neatly ladle dried foods from glass containers such as Kilner jars. Each wooden scoop has the round, wide dish turned on the lathe, with the short handle hand-carved (easy to hold and means your spoon can live inside larger jars!) We finish in a hard-wearing wax and oil blend, highlighting the beautiful natural colouring of the wood. An ideal kitchen spoon to measure out portions of rice or porridge oats; transfer sugar and flour for baking, or to add a scoopful of grains or pasta to soups.

Dimensions (approx.)

Length: 13cm

Diameter: 8cm (will fit in standard Kilner Jars)

Depth: 4cm

The most important element of a Selwyn House product is that it’s made by hand – processed from rough-sawn timber or individually turned on the lathe.

All Selwyn House pieces are designed to be functional as well as beautiful, and only by handling a piece throughout it’s production can you really make it ‘feel’ right – shaping the handle a little more to fit well in the hand, turning a bowl to the ‘right’ weight, or spotting those miniscule flaws before they become a problem.

At finishing stage, the oils and waxes used are carefully adapted to suit each type of timber and product. Serveware is always made to be food-safe and all boards are now made with a beeswax-free finish (suitable for vegans).

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