Rosemary Leach was bought up at 126 Chesterton Road, Cambridge. She is the daughter of John McClean Leach (1910 – 1986), son of Walter Perry Leach (1870 – 1934), son of Frederick R Leach (1837 – 1904). Her grandfather (Walter) built the house in 1909 and named it ‘St Aidans’ after the day that he married his wife, Eleanor. In these chapters Rosemary looks back on her days spent there and gives us a glimpse into a post war families 20th Century life.

Chapter 1

I moved with my parents to 126 in 1948, aged 4, after living at 11 Chedworth Street, Newnham, Cambridge with my maternal grandparents.  My maternal grandmother had died – I remember standing in the hall looking up at soberly dressed family mourners in my best dress.  My father’s sister, husband and family, had been living at 126 before us, with my paternal grandmother.   We, my father, mother and I moved to Chesterton Road and my maternal grandfather continued to live in Chedworth Street with a live-in housekeeper.  Before the age of 5 I started school at St Mary’s, then called Paston House, where my mother had been to school.

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