Painted Window Design Scarf – 100% heavy silk twill



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Designed for the David Parr House by artist, Saskia Huning, this double thickness heavy weight 100% silk twill scarf features a unique design inspired by David Parr’s painted glass window design.

Based on the stained glass panelled kitchen window in David Parr House (which served as a modesty screen), Saskia has re-interpreted the pattern to create a stunning red and green scarf.

Saskia is was part of the house restoration team, and was responsible for the the recreation of the lost areas in the Drawing Room decorative scheme. She is an expert in this area of practice, working with paint analysis reports, different materials and colours to formulate the correct ingredients and working methods to replace lost areas of painted wall designs.

The scarf measures approx. 165cm x 32cm.

Discreet lettering on the scarf reads ‘Saskia Huning for David Parr House 2020’.

Dry clean only.

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