Around Cambridge

Cambridge City has wonderful historic buildings, a thriving cultural and artistic scene, exquisite large and small museums, beautiful walks in the green parks, and punting along the river. Find out more here.

Fitzwilliam Museum







To see the work of the F R Leach & Sons firm around Cambridge, download our self-guided walking tour. The walk will take about an hour.

F R Leach & Sons walking tour of Cambridge

The walking tour takes you to see some of the exquisite work that F R Leach & Sons carried out in many delightful churches, university colleges and their chapels, hidden away in the busy streets of the City. Enjoy the highly decorated architecture of the Neo-Gothic Revival, where colour and pattern dazzle the eye and the stained glass refers back to the medieval era. David Parr was apprenticed to the Leach firm of ‘Art-workmen’ by the age of 16, and worked for them as an artist-decorator for the rest of his life.

When you need a break, Michaelhouse (venue 6) has a great cafe and restaurant serving breakfast, coffee, cakes, lunch and tea.

NB: all venues can be viewed from outside. Unfortunately not all venues are open to the public all year round. 

Leach walking tour venues

  1. Museum of Cambridge
  2. St Peter’s Church
  3. St Clement’s Church
  4. All Saints’ Church
  5. Jesus College Chapel
  6. Michaelhouse – St Michael’s Church
  7. 3 St Mary’s Passage – ‘Sahara’ shop
  8. St Edward’s Church
  9. St Botolph’s Church
  10. Queens’ College Old Hall and Chapel