Watch on demand: Newton School Exhibition Talk with Dave Marshall




The talk compliments our latest exhibition of metalwork made by the Newton School. Dave Marshall briefly recaps the history of the School and discuss what makes its story so unique and special. He will go on to discuss why the School has remained relatively unknown up until now and its prolific output largely unattributed. In the course of answering these questions we will look at where the School fits with other Arts and Crafts Movement metalworkers of the period, the impact of the key designers on the School’s style and why identifying Newton School work is rather complicated. The talk finishes by discussing the importance of capturing the history and work of the School for future generations.

About Dave:

Dave has been researching and collecting metalwork from the Arts and Crafts Movement for over 15 years. In 2019 he turned his hobby into a business, launching a new website, Hammer and Hand, where David uses his knowledge and research to give pieces of Arts and Crafts metalwork back their full history and provenance. Dave’s research underpins our latest exhibition.

The talk lasts for just over an hour.