Glint Game by Frauhaus Printing



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The perfect stocking filler for young and old alike.

The Glint game is produced and designed by Liz Fraser at Frauhaus Printing. The Glint Game uses metal letterpress type ornaments and an ink pad to introduce you to typographic pattern-making. Each kit contains two mini ink pads, four ‘glints’ (metal printing stamps) and a spiral bound book marked out in squares of the right size to help you develop your designs.

Liz is printmaker working mainly with handset metal type and linocutting. Her practice & research play with the interface between our analogue and digital lives. Work often begins with developing small scale typologies linked through text, genre and a certain transience or obsolescence. She is also inspired by the invisible connections and structures that verbal and written language make in our lives. By playing with the material visualisation of language she explores its role in the communication of place, memory and time. Recent work explores her interests in science and disease through the filters of pattern, language and form in interactive installation and artist books.

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