Outreach Talks

Two talks we currently offer are:

An Extraordinary Cambridge House

A wide-ranging talk that explores David Parr’s life, art and craftmanship, the creation of his wall paintings; and his granddaughter Elsie Palmer’s faithful custodianship of the house over the past century. A good introduction to David Parr House.

Plaster, Pointing and Paint

Takes you on a journey to explore the conservation and restoration works in the house since 2016. Our conservation builders, architects, wall painting conservators and restorers have worked their magic on every inch of the house. This is the story of its remarkable transformation.


All money raised from outreach talks goes to help run the David Parr House charity. Costs per talk, depending on the type of organisation, range from £40 to £100.


Talks last 45 minutes, followed by a 15 minute Q&A session.

To book a talk, contact info@davidparrhouse.org