Underpinning The David Parr House
2nd HLF grant awarded 

An Exciting Challenge

The David Parr House is one of a small number of organisations across the UK to be offered a prestigious Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) Endowment grant of up to £500K that could help secure our future. Made possible thanks to money raised by National Lottery players, the grant is released on a matching pound for pound basis and means that the David Parr House will have to raise £500K of additional funds by 2021 in order to claim the grant.

“It’s a huge challenge for a small organisation,” says Trustee Mike Nicholson, “but this is a terrific project for Cambridge and the nation.  Every donation we receive will be doubled by the National Lottery grant, which we believe will be a huge incentive for people to help and to be part of something very special.”

The David Parr House is a unique time-capsule of late Victorian working-class art and life that has attracted international attention since it was acquired by the Charity in 2014.  In 1912 David Parr inscribed on to the highly decorated wall of his small terraced house’s front room: If you do anything, do it well. “We are determined to live up to this and the Endowment, which will be invested to produce a regular income, will help make sure that David Parr’s legacy has a secure and flourishing future,” said Tamsin Wimhurst, Chair of the David Parr House CIO.

As a charity, all donations to the David Parr House qualify for Gift Aid and the Trust would be pleased to hear from both individuals and organisations who might be able to help this appeal in the future.  Information on how to make a donation can be found on the David Parr website or we can send information to you.

Securing its future – ‘Underpinning the David Parr House’ Project
The first step to securing the future of the David Parr House was achieved with the award of a National Lottery grant of £625,300 from HLF in 2017 which will enable the house to be conserved and opened up to the public on a regular basis.  Ongoing income would be raised through footfall but due to its size and limited number of visitors it can accommodate each year this income is limited.

Now, with this second National Lottery grant from HLF and the subsequent four year fundraising campaign, the final endowment will ensure that the David Parr House will not only open the house up to the public but also deliver its heritage to a much wider audience through a more ambitious activity, exhibition and outreach program.  The grant will also support a member of staff dedicated to developing an interesting and innovative fundraising campaign.  Information about this new post can be found on the website.

The project work will start in May 2017, and be completed by May 2021.

Notes to editors

About David Parr House
David Parr House (DPH) CIO is a young and dynamic organisation set up in 2014 to save David Parr’s Cambridge house for the nation, and ensure the arts, culture and heritage it reflects are accessible to the public over the long term.

About the Heritage Lottery Fund
Thanks to National Lottery players, we invest money to help people across the UK explore, enjoy and protect the heritage they care about – from the archaeology under our feet to the historic parks and buildings we love, from precious memories and collections to rare wildlife. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and use #HLFsupported.

About the Heritage Lottery Endowment Grant
Heritage Endowments enable organisations to create financial reserves that can be drawn on and invested to create a regular source of annual income.

For further information
• For David Parr House, Mike Nicholson: 07443 582 907

1. Cash in: Project Manager Jane Phillimore puts the first note in David Parr’s ‘church’ money box, to kick off DPH’s £1-for-£1 HLF-funded Endowment campaign    @davidparrhouse