Pencil Tin

DPH Pencil Tin 3

This beautiful ‘pencil tin’ was given to me by Ann, the great-granddaughter of David Parr.  It is made from tin and decorated with a beautiful floral pattern.  It has the initials ‘D D P’ within a brown shield near the bottom …

DPH Pencil Tin 2

… and ‘Pencils’ written within a scroll on the side.

DPH Pencil Tin 1

Both inscriptions are hand-painted with the lettering of the word ‘pencils’ slightly more crudely executed than that of the initials.

When the tin first came into my possession I’d assumed that all the decoration on it had been painted by hand. I’d  jumped to that conclusion without taking a good look at what I was holding, and on closer inspection it was wrong.  In fact the tin had been adapted – the intricate pattern of flowers was a transfer on to which someone had carefully painted the lettering to personalise it.

DPH Pencil Tin 4

This begs the question: which of the D D Parrs did this, senior or junior? Both have the same  initials: David Daniel Parr (senior) and his son David Douglas Parr (junior).  The tin was given to Ann by her uncle, David Douglas, which would suggest that he executed the work.

Whatever the tin’s provenance it is still a beautiful object made more so by the dents and markings from years of handling and use.

Inside the tin … more of that next time.