Paint Pots

paint-potsClimbing on a chair, unlatching the trap door, I poked my head into the attic, hoping that it would be stuffed full of forgotten junk. With a certain amount of disappointment I encountered a mostly empty space, obviously cleared so fibreglass insulation could be added. More worryingly, a fair amount of daylight was shining through slipped slate tiles, which explained the water damage on the upstairs ceilings.

Climbing back down, I noticed some rusty old paint tins and a set of triangular containers tucked behind a beam. As I took my newly-found hoard into the daylight, I was most excited to have found objects that definitely dated back to the period when David Parr painted the house – I could imagine the colours being mixed in the tins and hung from the ladder as he worked. But most intriguing were the triangular containers with hooks on them. What were they  for? One suggestion is that they were filled with paint for the finer detailing and hooked on to a belt. More research is needed into this.

What else can these rusty tins reveal? Hopefully with some testing we can find out what kind of paint was last used in them and link it to the décor in one of the rooms, or perhaps to the peeling paint on a drainpipe or windowsill.