The David Parr House CIO aims:

1. Renovate and conserve the house in order to preserve the unique interiors for the future and make them accessible in some form to the public.

2. Record and archive the house and its contents and facilitate research into the heritage, culture, skills, art, crafts, material culture and design relating to people and places linked to the David Parr House.

3. Disseminate to the public the work, ideas and values held in the David Parr House through a variety of different media that could include website, social media, printed material and any other forms that seem appropriate.

4. Develop working partnerships with other organisations that link with the objectives of the Charity, enabling wider audiences to get involved with the culture and heritage of the David Parr House.

5. Work towards the sustainability of the project, and provide public access to the culture and heritage that the house represents.